Grammy nominated multiplatinum composer Peter Cor brings to his music a multifaceted range of styles, which he has honed over the years through his musical and traveling experiences. Born in Manhattan, a melting pot of cultures which has always been a great influence, living many years in Europe, and traveling to Central America and the Carribean, gives him a worldly vision that can be heard in whatever musical genre he undertakes.

      Classically trained on piano, having also studied jazz theory and arrangement for both piano and guitar, and having played with musicians from around the world, gives him the ability to shape his own personal musical identity, no matter the style.

      Credits including composing for "EARTH WIND & FIRE's" multiplatinum song "Getaway", as well as for other artists such as guitar great LEE RITENOUR, TUCK&PATTI, LENNY WHITE, LAKESIDE, and Rapper CASSIDY. Movie credits include:"Muppets from Space", The Sixth Man", "Step Up" TV credits include:"Bernie Mac Show", "Quantum Leap", "Pimp My Ride", and other MTV shows, as well as TV ads for Comcast and other clients. In addition, PC had written for dance performances, theater, documentaries, corporate videos, and multi media presentations.

      His musical diversity has also come into play in working with many different artists such as: R&B and Funk legend Rufus Thomas/World renowned saxman Ronnie Laws/ Grammy award winning Tibetan vocalist Yungchen Lhamo /Jazz bass player Charnnett Moffett,who's played with such notables as Wynton Marsalis,McCoyTyner, Mike Stern / drummer Will Calhoun from the group Living Colour and jazz artists like Pharaoh Sanders, Stanley Jordan/award winning studio sax legend Ernie Watts/and many other European and African musicians of notoriety.

  • (1) Now & Zen (Ethereal)
  • (2) Spiritus (Mid Eastern-World-Trans)
  • (3) Dreamer (Urban-Dance)
  • (4) Pandea (World-Dance)
  • (5) Pc2 (Funk-Urban)
  • (6) Nexus (Electronica-Dance)
  • (7) Moonwalker (New Age-World )
  • (8) Into the Light (Tibetan-Trans Groove)
    (Featuring Yungchen Lhamo)

    Pc and Yungchen Performing in Dublin Ireland


    Nexus CD - $12.95

    (Download Only)
    My latest CD "NEXUS" represents a 2 year journey into musical experimentation without any pre-conceived goal,which makes this record very spontaneous and fresh."NEXUS" means the interconnectivity between all beeings,plants,animals,nature,etc....following the onset of a personal spiritual journey, which took me to the Mayan Pyramids in Chichen Itza Mexico for the Dec 21.2012 Mayan Calendar Celebrations. This CD represents all these energies coming together. Some tracks work well if you want to let your mind float along like "Now& Zen" or "Into The Light",the latter track features guest vocalist Yungchen Lhamo,a world renown Tibetan vocalist I had the pleasure of performing with in concert. Tracks like "Nexus" and "PC2" are very dynamic dance tracks These tracks are all instrumental with vocalizing but no lyrics,perfect for Film/TV placement. I played all the keyboard/guitar parts,and programmed all the beats as well,and this music can be played in a "live" context as well.

    Take a trip inside your mind and let the music reveal your inner universe!


    ICM provides custom music for all audiovisual applications. and complete production packages for TV advertising/Film applications, including film crew, music, and voice overs are also available.

    As the name suggests, jazz is the prime corner stone of this brand new musical quartet. The mixture of other genres intertwined within the original compositions, gives The Jazzy Devils a unique sound, thus a little" Devilish" in nature, off the beaten path.
    Peter Cor

    Embarking on a bold new musical adventure, Peter Cor's new CD"INTO THE LIGHT" combines improvisation and looping to create a colorful sonic blend of ambience and beats.

    Contact: Peter Cor
    Tel/Fax: (831) 477-9008

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